Friday, May 27, 2011

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Wonders of nature and the meanderings of the mind Baby and Peasants two.

After a bad first half of May, finiszujemy quite nicely, as if fate wanted to compensate us for the past tragic experiences.
First of all, it's time that we have learned with my own eyes, as well with Glaucoma and Peasant we managed to come together to create a puppy from the anticipated Mantra. I am a little afraid of this moment, since both the Buttercup and the peasant, a little longer I get old and there was some degree of probability that it does not cope challenge. Ask what contribution had peasants in the begetting of offspring of a dog? Well, the essential and not less than the buttercup, but not one about which they may have thought at this time (about yuck!). The peasant in our house is, inter alia, to carry out the insemination. I will not develop the theme, why inseminujemy, not hiding naturally, because this will tell one day on a blog about farming. I will mention only that, if only because it is more likely to effectively cover through artificial insemination.
Three weeks have passed since the last surgery was today. On the ultrasound image, we saw three small, as head of a pin, embryos. Of course, there will be more, because "bubbles" are arranged one behind the other in the corners of the uterus and are not all visible on the uterine horn section. Unfortunately, you do not see, because my vet does not have a printer to your ultrasound, and I have not thought to bring your cyfrówki. With the rest, there really is not much to see here. To illustrate the situation, I'll show you archival photos ultrasound done in the better-equipped offices. Unfortunately, I did not now possible to get the mantra to Wroclaw, there to perform the test.

three-week embryo. At the top spot of empty space, it
section through the uterus. In the middle of the spot-a puppy :-)

five-embryo-see it on the contour.
Pregnancy Fiona F-litter-Tuskulum Quissam in 2007.

now we have babies on the letter H. In still young tuskulańskim wine (oh, there is a great opportunity to odpieczętować bottle tonight :-) die suggestions of names.

Encouraged wildlife photographs on other blogs , and I decided to jump on May my skalniak. On the occasion to announce that threatened chicks, terrorized by the Great Devourer tits, that is, our Fiona, feel good and at any moment, should finally leave home from the slot. One parent gives advice. But I can not properly take care of weeding the garden sklanego, because the old tit to annoy. When working on skalniaku, flies, and not feeding the young, until I'll go down. Therefore, I try to not get upset, and so survived his own. Everyone eagerly, albeit for different reasons, we await the moment of departure from the nest of chicks, probably the most half-wild stray cats at night po wsi. Ja po prostu chcę wreszcie usunąć chwasty spomiędzy kwiecia.

Małe, urocze fioletowe kosaćce

Tawuła japońska, chyba za bardzo wybujała.

Wóz na tle kwiecia i podagryczników oraz świerząbków. 
Spędzają mi te chwasty sen z powiek.

Pług też zagubił się pośród kwiatów

My favorite area-a group of conifers on skalniaku

Winter imitation of an ancient jug broke

I love the green , once I knew how it was called, but I forgot.
wove in plant roots.

also love dwarf. In general, conifers are my weakness.

Irises full size.

Life, which will not touch even Fiona-slug-burns and burning after taking the hand.

On the other side of the house rhododendron blooms
is accompanied by a raspberry-tasty, large clearings ...

... And the side yard of blackberry stems without thorns with great fruit

And thus the title came to mind meanders. To begin with Baby, this time because these twists are less complicated than those two peasants.
emotional balance for the catch I took to be decoupage. I made my first ever bottle or decanter, as he called, so he called. The bottom line is, however, is the first time that I took to be shading found on the Internet according to guidelines. It would be the shading pittorico, and what came out, it's less important. It is difficult, abym za pierwszym razem i to bez specjalistycznych mediów typu opóźniacz do farby, wyprodukowała klasyczne hm... dzieło sztuki.


...i po.

Idąc za ciosem, zabrałam się wreszcie za drewnianą tackę, którą dostałam w prezencie od Halynki z bloga Niedoszuflady jeszcze na Boże Narodzenie. Olbrzymim atutem jest tu wzór na papierze ryżowym, jaki zakupiłam przy ostatniej wizycie we Wrocławiu. Moją zasługą, I will immodestly say, is that it can not be distinguished from the shading pattern, from my farbkami. Everything is seamlessly merged. Background was to imitate the technique przecierek and probably mimics.

Utilizing a visit in Wroclaw, I asked my mom that has done for me by my curtain project. Never in my life anything I designed, so the swell of pride. My mother, seeing how I choose the material (natural flax), cried in the store:
-Jesus Maria, a child, which is carded!
Indoors my family have grown flax and linen tkano from it, and that the mother did not mention good conditions in the country, in which she was born and grew, everything associated with it, ill get her associate. She wanted me to push some velvet, damask, or other welurki. I managed to convince my mother that my curtain, and that len \u200b\u200bis now very fashionable. I am delighted with my simple, linen curtain. Finally, a full moon I will not be terrorized at night.

And in this way I got to the peasant mind meanders, which seemed this week especially trendy.
First-damn we got the UPS to your computer. Because of the antiquated power grid, it is not possible to use a computer without security. Resets at least once or twice a day and is in the least expected time. But UPS is the last thing you have at the moment want to spend money. UPS damn hit twice. First, the battery was old and the equipment no longer fulfills its function, second lightning-off from any source zaisilania runtime, induced transformer and a spark flew transistors. In such cases, I say to the peasant only one thing: "make something up."
peasant thought, even a very long time and came up with. Our UPS gave, in order to exchange burned transistors, to a friendly garage and borrowed from them, even without running the battery, the old UPS. He then took the case and hooked up cables to an old car battery, which is now the car does not blast off, but the computer and hold it long enough, even when the current switched off. Nobody will tell me that this is not some magic! On the occasion of useful for something very casual Flaky characteristic peasant-not throwing the old, worn items.

most cool tragic-comic situation was the fact that we have become than the pears, nor with the parsley, and quite suddenly, posiadaczmi historical, more than hundred year old bread oven.
bread oven that was my dream. Extremely regretted that our house we bought already without this device. We have been after him just ... but more on that later.
Bread ovens were usually built along with the house, so once lost five, rather he was not to play. Who today, in fact potrfi reconstruct this type of device? Greedy eyes looked out on the retained piece in horror watching the neighbors that are located in the storeroom only on the junk. For who still bakes bread the traditional way?

few days ago a friend boasted that undresses her small, old stone house. Do not ask why the strips, because I have no clue. His home, his business. Word by word zgadaliśmy that this there is an old house, a portable bread oven. A friend pulled him again to the wall using a car (these are the meanderings of those peasant mind, which fell at the sight of my hands and jaw!). He wonders now thats a friend, what to do with it and I was getting ready to leave the oven on scrap. Fortunately, the friend is a conciliatory and willingly agreed to get rid of the furnace in our favor. Problems that arose a few. First, you need to realize that the stove weighs a minimum of half a ton, and it has to be transported several kilometers. Second, and most important. We do not have a clue about the technology of bread baking in the oven of this type. For two days przetrzepuję the web for information. I come across or on electric stoves, or the old traditional, but essentially different structure and perhaps consequently, the idea of \u200b\u200bbaking bread.

may now do not look good, but after sandblasting
and painting, will, like new.

Our furnace has two chambers-the upper and lower. The top is blackened and the bottom is not. Question, where inserts the bread? Probably not to the bottom? I read that first oven heats up, then selects the ash and then puts the bread. What then, is the second lower chamber?
next questions are more general. To what temperature must heat up the oven, how much time the bread is baked in the chamber?
I hope that someone from the viewers of this blog, had a chance to bake, or even participate in such a traditional method of baking bread. Already mind's eye I can see how I put 10 loaves at a time, and I have bread for 2 weeks. Here comes the next problem, how to get enough dough of these 10 loaves, but I said to the peasant: "Invent something." Will be thinking on the construction of a mixer-based electric motor from the machine. But the ride!
little peasant culinary panics as peasant, who must know everything, from A to Z, and kulinariach not know at all. I'm for it I have a huge Radocha and fun, because I never got any cooking project for which I take up, failed to surpass me. I think that even without outside assistance, will develop itself, by trial and error technique of baking. Nevertheless, if anyone has any thoughts, I'm waiting on them in the comments. I told the peasant to focus on helping me to life by the mechanization of kneading, she and I will bake.

Meanwhile furnace was dismantled on site and transporting it takes in parts. As in the case of our house, after that the furnace remained only a big hole in the chimney. Despite the joy of unusual equipment, in all this is something tragic, like the old house torn out his heart.

This situation fits me a line Miron, who in his school years in particular stuck in my memory because of its drama. Only now do I fully understand the essence and deep experience in the content contained therein ;-))) I do not know why I found this poem on the site Fri "Gniot :-)

I bake
similar to the gates triumphant!

They take me five ;
similar to the gates triumphant!

Give me five
similar to the gates triumphant!


It was only after him:
naked black pit

And that's enough for me:
naked black pit
naked black pit


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